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Tribute and honor to the Founder & first President of our beloved Scottish Cultural Society of St. Petersburg

Dale Lyndon Mackenzie Gross

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Dale was born on September 3rd, 1944 and passed from this earth on September 26, 2019.

He lived in St. Petersburg with his wife of 18 years, Sara Jean Buie-Gross.

Dale's parents were Cecil Gross and Birdie Pearl Gross.

After high school graduation in 1962, Dale entered into the Air Force where he trained recruits. He was stationed in Waco Texas. During his service time he was transferred from Texas to Florida and stationed at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. He held the rank of First Leutenant. He had said that there was nothing like the beautiful water here in Florida. It was then he decided he would be moving here someday.

Dale was a Civil Attorney in St. Petersburg, Florida. He was licensed to practice law in Texas as well as Florida. He attended law at SMU (Southern Methodist University) in Texas. For many years his law office was located on 66th Street North, St. Petersburg. He was a member of the St. Petersburg Bar Association as well as the Florida Bar.

Dale at a Caberfeidh Productions concert.

Picture courtesy of James Madison Thomas

Dale was very involved in many organizations in the community and in the state of Florida.

His support was unwavering and inspirational to the Scottish Cultural Society of St. Petersburg.

In 2007, Dale was the founding President of the Scottish Cultural Society of St. Petersburg and remained its president until his club retirement in 2015.

The SCS is a member country/culture of St. Petersburg International Folk Fair Society. (SPIFFS)

Dale also served as a Director and member of the Board at SPIFFS for almost 30 years.


During this time Dale and his wife Sara Jean founded Caberfeidh Productions. Through this company, they brought many wonderful CELTIC, FOLK & BLUEGRASS musicians to Pinellas County. This was a project very close to their hearts as Dale had the passion and drive to bring this kind of music and culture to his hometown.

Dale had traveled to Cape Breton and said that it changed his life. The music and the general camaraderie in the Celtic spirit had such a profound effect on him.

From that point on in his life, he would say how much he loved the "Scottish Movement"... the knowledge that the Scottish/Celtic influence would be so strong to touch others hearts as well.

That was the driving force behind Caberfeidh Productions.

Dale was a long time (over 50 year) Master Mason in Good Standing.

Dale was a longtime member of the St. Andrew's Society of Tampa Bay. This was yet another way

to celebrate the Scottish Culture that he dearly loved.

Dale was also a member of the Suncoast Tiger Bay club . He befriended and supported Republican candidates & officials.

Dale & Sara Jean were members and supporters of "Friends of Florida Folk". FOFF is a Florida  organization to support the Florida music & folk arts.

Dale Lyndon Mackenzie Gross is survived by his wife Sara Jean Buie Gross of St. Petersburg.

He has 3 stepchildren: George Wayne Lloyd and his son Marley Callum Lloyd...

Stephanie D. Cook and her husband Joel Cook, and Jennifer Brown of St. Petersburg.

Cards and Letters can be mailed to:   Sara Jean Buie Gross

5011 Windmill Palm Terrace    St. Petersburg, FL 33703

Visitation was held on Wednesday October 9th   3:00 - 6:00 pm

Anderson-McQueen Funeral Home

2201 Dr. MLK  Street North  (9th Street)  St. Petersburg, Florida


Saturday, Oct 26th, 2019     4:00 pm

During the St. Petersburg International Folk Fair event

After the Parade of Nations & the New Citizen Swearing-in Ceremony,

a SPIFFS memorial will be held for Dale Mackenzie Gross.

This will take place at the waters edge by the Scottish Village

Vinoy Basin Park, Downtown St. Pete

please contact: Goody Haines

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Special thanks to James Madison Thomas for his beautiful photographs,
and to Dennis Devine for creating a wonderful video tribute.
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