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The Scottish Cultural Society of St. Petersburg participated in SPIFFS 47th Annual Folk Fair. (see page 2)

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     SPIFFS 48th Annual Folk Fair 

                             October 19th - 21, 2023 

​                    Albert Whitted Park (behind the Dali museum)                                                                                       480 Bayshore Blvd SE, St. Petersburg FL 33701


       Food, Games, Cultural Exhibits, Entertainment

                 Travel the world in One Day!


For the Students  

Students attending on Thursday and Friday were provided passports, and had an opportunity to visit villages of various ethnic groups to have their passports stamped.  They also saw a variety of cultural exhibits.   This year's theme was SPORTS AND GAMES, and for Scotland this included Golf, Soccer, and HIGHLAND GAMES.  They learned that golf was invented in Scotland in the 15th century, that the first international soccer competition took place between Scotland and England, that the Highland Games were originally organized by  the Scottish clan chiefs to find the strongest, fastest, and fittest fighting men.  Students even had a chance to try their luck on a 7-foot putting game!

On Saturday 

Saturday was the day the park was ope to the general  public.  The "Parade of Nations" at 2pm

included the 22 eithnic groups participating in the Folk Fair followed by the official opening



ceremonies which included the swearing in of 25 new Ammerican citizens.






      TheBagpiper Gemma Briggs led                              The Scottish Country Dancer   

       the "Parade of Nations"                                            performed at 11:10 am on Saturday 

      on Saturday at 2:00 pm and                                    on the main stage and at the   

       performed at the Scottish tent.                               Scottish tent.




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Scottish Cultural Society of St. Petersburg

Scottish Cultural Society

SCS 2023 Officers


President: April Gayle Gausman

Vice President: Lisa Godfrey

Secretary-Treasurer: Bill Parsons

   Volunteers Active

          at Folk Fair

Our volunteeres met and greeted the visitors to the Scottish village.  They stamped passports for the students on school days, and shared their interests in Scottish culture.

Volunteers on Saturday joined the Scottish group for the "Parade of Nations" at 2:00 pm. 

We thank our dedicated group of volunteers that included Gary, Sylvia and Ceilidh Graham, Bev Becker, April Gayle Gausman, Bill Parsons, Kay Rencken, Chris and Sarah Markham, Jeff and Kim Wells, Malcolm Wells and Samantha Wassmer.

     Mary Katherine presented her award winning shortbread at the Scottish Village at the Folk Fair. 

Mary Katherine with Ceilidh, two attractions at the Scottish village.

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